Serben's Organic Farm

Why does your pork taste so good?

Customers often comment how good our pork tastes and smells compared to store-bought pork. 

There are a few factors that make the flavour of our pork exceptional:

1. Fat marbling - Our hogs are a blend of heritage and modern breeds, and as such have a higher amount of in-muscle fat compared to store-bought pork. Flavour is carried by molecules that are mainly fat soluble.

2. Content of feed - if hogs are fed a bland diet (e.g., corn, soy), their meat tastes bland. If they are fed a more flavourful feed and are allowed to eat grass and root through dirt, flavour is improved. A barley-based diet also improves the firmness of the meat and fat. 

3. Environment - when hogs are raised exclusively in a barn built over a manure holding tank, they tend to take on a particular taste (see Jered's anecdote at around 4:50 of this interview). Our hogs are out in the fresh air for their entire lives. Also, the exercise that our hogs get impacts the flavour and texture of the meat.




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