Serben's Organic Farm

What does it mean to be 'certified organic'?

 Being certified organic means that we follow the regulations for organic production set out by the Canadian federal government. The standard, 'Organic production systems: General principles and management standards" sets out specific requirements for all aspects of hog-rearing, including space requirements, feeding, permitted substances and most importantly, documentation. We document our daily activities in a logbook, keep records of all feed purchases, butchering dates, births, deaths, breeding stock purchases and so forth. An inspector comes to our farm yearly to evaluate our farming systems, records, receipts and ensure that we are compliant with all elements of the standard. There are a number of certifying bodies in Canada; we are certified by Ecocert Canada.

Our certificate for the current year is found here

A detailed description of how organic hog farming differs from conventional hog farming is found here.





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