Serben's Organic Farm


Farm Members
Jered Serben (Owner)

Jered is the fourth generation on the Serben family farm, 3 miles west of Smoky Lake, Alberta. He grew up grain and hog farming with his father. After the hog market crash of the early 2000's left the farm in limbo, and after working off the farm for a short while, Jered was called back to his farming roots.  He began researching natural, sustainable farming practices, and has been building Serben's Organic Farm (previously Serben Free-Range) ever since. Jered takes care of the daily chores, supply management, marketing, social media, breeding, transporting animals, maintaining farm equipment, repairs, fencing, watering systems, acquiring feed and farm supplies, etc, etc, etc!

Julia Serben (Owner)

Julia met Jered in the early stages of Serben's Organic Farm and exchanged her city life, academic job and suburban home for dirt, hard work, and a little pig poop.  The two married in April 2011, and while she still maintains an off-farm telecommuting job, she has fully embraced her farm-wife status. Besides working part-time, she takes care of many behind-the-scenes aspects of the farm, washing and packing eggs, taking care of the farm when Jered is away, book-keeping and accounting, marketing, paperwork, raising children, housework, meals, gardening and canning.

Jedd Serben (Farmer)

Jedd is 9.  He participates in farm chores, picking eggs and helping in the garden. He likes playing hockey and reading books.

Jacob Serben (Farmer)

Jacob is 3. He helps Jedd pick eggs but spends most of his time playing in the mud, dirt, sand and rocks. 

June Serben (Farmer)

June is 10 months old. She goes where mom goes, and is a great little addition to the Serben family!




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