Serben's Organic Farm

How does Serben's Organic Farm differ from a conventional hog operation?

Here, in a nutshell, is the over-riding difference between conventional and organic pork production:

• The primary goal of conventional hog farming is to produce pork with the greatest efficiency: highest production and lowest costs.

• The primary goal of organic hog farming is to produce pork while taking into consideration the well-being of livestock, people, communities, agrosystems, and the environment, as well as the taste and quality of the final product.

In order to produce a final product as inexpensive to the consumer as possible, conventional hog farmers use a number of strategies. In each of these factors we compare conventional production to what happens at Serben's Organic Farm:



Environment and climate control




Farming organically means taking into consideration all the pieces of the puzzle. It means carefully evaluating how decisions we make as farmers will impact animals and people, communities and the planet. 

So, while we are taking as many steps as we can to keep our costs down (including grinding our own feed, converting a parcel of land to organic so that we can eventually grow our own feed, and purchasing an on-farm butcher shop which we are in the process of setting up), the nature of organic farming is such that the final product naturally has a higher cost.




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