Serben's Organic Farm

Farming Practices and Products


Pork  Our pigs are raised outdoors, with free access to shelter, food and water. We operate a farrow-to-finish hog operation, meaning that we have breeding sows and two handsome boars; sows farrow their piglets twice a year on our farm. At the end of the sow's pregnancy, we move her to a special maternity pen full of straw, with an insulated shelter.  Although we have had some piglets born outside, the sow usually prefers to deliver inside the shelter. Usually no intervention is required, and a litter of 7-15 piglets is born without any trouble. The piglets are nursed for around 6 weeks, at which point they are weaned to a certified organic, barley and pea-based, feed with no additives. They are not administered any antibiotics, growth hormones, or medications. They have a large pasture in which to roam, root, dig, and interact with other pigs, and they get to keep their curly tails and teeth (these are both trimmed off in conventional pig-rearing). They have lots of straw in a shelter to keep them warm when it gets cold out. After about 6 months, the hogs are at market weight. While our cutting instructions vary from time to time, we generally have  shoulder roasts-picnic, boston butt, leg roasts, loin roasts, thick-cut bacon, loin chops, rib chops, ground pork, and a variety of gluten-free fresh  sausages made with fresh organic ingredients! 


Eggs  Our Isa-brown hens live in our heated, well-lit barn; 3 south facing windows, on straw or wood shavings bedding. We provide open nesting boxes to lay eggs, constant fresh drinking water and food. A roost is bolted on the wall for the hens to perch on while resting. Once they are done laying their eggs for the day, they are set free to roam the farm.  Our eggs are washed and checked for cracks, but not graded.






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