Serben's Organic Farm

Welcome to Serben's Organic Farm!

**This ordering period for Fort McMurray closes April 6, 2017**

... a family farm, 5 generations deep

We are Jered and Julia Serben, proud owners and operators of Serben's Organic Farm, along with our 3 children. We raise the highest quality certified organic pork and eggs.

We keep our farming practices consistent with our personal beliefs: go easy on the animals and the earth, and be transparent in what we do. (See this description of how our farm differs from a conventional hog farm for more details). Everything we sell was raised on our farm - we never source from anywhere else. You can purchase our products at these locations.


Because of our custom-made certified organic hog ration, and the way we raise our hogs, our pork tastes better than any you've tried before. And our sausages can't be beat - extra-lean organic ground pork mixed with delicious blends of 100% organic ingredients (think: fresh, local herbs, pure organic maple syrup, grated lime zest, fresh organic parsley), gluten-free, additive-free. Bacon and ham are nitrate-free. 

Our customers keep telling us our products are the best they've ever tasted!  


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